[Digikam-users] lost of exif data when converting from raw

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 18:14:57 BST 2008

2008/8/11 POTTIER Michel <Michel.pottier at free.fr>:
> It's probably my bad english.
> Le Monday 11 August 2008 17:37:19 Gilles Caulier, vous avez écrit :
>> If in your workflow RAW -> PNG -> JPEG, the fianl JPEG file include
>> Exif, this must mean than Exif are in PNG (:=)))
>> try exiftool foo.png for ex in a console.
>> But, i'm suprized... You canot see Exif in digiKam ?
>> Note : i always use PNG in my RAW workflow everyday. Exif is visible in
>> digiKam.
> This is not the problem, I see Exif in digiKam since a long time.
> My problem is that I am unable to obtain jpeg file with exif data from a
> direct raw conversion: Starting from a raw file I have to convert it in png
> (where the exif data are presents) and to convert the png in jpeg (using
> a "save as") to obtain a jpeg with exif data.
> Raw ---> JPEG : I have a jpeg file WITHOUT exif (this is my problem, and what
> I find strange)

It's abnormal of course. What are you use exactly to do it : image
editor or raw converter kipi plugin ?

Which digiKam version ?

Which Exiv2 version ?

Are you any error messages on the console during conversion ?

> Raw ---> PNG :  I have a good png file WITH the  exif data
> So starting from a raw file, and if i want a jpeg file with exif data, i have
> to convert it in png, then to save the png file as a jpeg file. I should
> prefer to be able to convert directly from raw to jpeg and have the metadata
> in the jpeg file.
>> Note2 : I have implemented PNG metadata writting mode on the fly in
>> current Exiv2 library (next 0.18). This is want mean than you will be
>> able to record/update all digiKam metadata as it's done with JPEG
>> (using Caption and Tags for ex.)
> It's OK and I use it.
> En français: Je voulais savoir si il est normal que la conversion du raw vers
> le jpeg se fait avec perte des métadonnées (ce qui n'est pas le cas si je
> convertis en png) ou si j'ai un problème de configuration.

No of course. Let i always said to users, a photo is image data +
metadata. This is a non scence to lost metadata during conversion,
like Krita or gimp do in some case.

With digiKam & co, i try to support metadata everywhere. It's an
important point, espcially for photograph workflow.



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