[Digikam-users] lost of exif data when converting from raw

POTTIER Michel Michel.pottier at free.fr
Mon Aug 11 17:17:27 BST 2008

It's probably my bad english.

Le Monday 11 August 2008 17:37:19 Gilles Caulier, vous avez écrit :

> If in your workflow RAW -> PNG -> JPEG, the fianl JPEG file include
> Exif, this must mean than Exif are in PNG (:=)))
> try exiftool foo.png for ex in a console.
> But, i'm suprized... You canot see Exif in digiKam ?
> Note : i always use PNG in my RAW workflow everyday. Exif is visible in
> digiKam.
This is not the problem, I see Exif in digiKam since a long time.
My problem is that I am unable to obtain jpeg file with exif data from a 
direct raw conversion: Starting from a raw file I have to convert it in png 
(where the exif data are presents) and to convert the png in jpeg (using 
a "save as") to obtain a jpeg with exif data.
Raw ---> JPEG : I have a jpeg file WITHOUT exif (this is my problem, and what 
I find strange)
Raw ---> PNG :  I have a good png file WITH the  exif data
So starting from a raw file, and if i want a jpeg file with exif data, i have 
to convert it in png, then to save the png file as a jpeg file. I should 
prefer to be able to convert directly from raw to jpeg and have the metadata 
in the jpeg file.
> Note2 : I have implemented PNG metadata writting mode on the fly in
> current Exiv2 library (next 0.18). This is want mean than you will be
> able to record/update all digiKam metadata as it's done with JPEG
> (using Caption and Tags for ex.)
It's OK and I use it.
En français: Je voulais savoir si il est normal que la conversion du raw vers 
le jpeg se fait avec perte des métadonnées (ce qui n'est pas le cas si je 
convertis en png) ou si j'ai un problème de configuration.

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