[Digikam-users] lost of exif data when converting from raw

POTTIER Michel Michel.pottier at free.fr
Mon Aug 11 18:45:27 BST 2008

Le Monday 11 August 2008 19:14:57 Gilles Caulier, vous avez écrit :

> It's abnormal of course. What are you use exactly to do it : image
> editor or raw converter kipi plugin ?

> Which digiKam version ?
0.9.4 Kde 3.5.9 sur mandriva 2008.1
> Which Exiv2 version ?
Exiv2 0.16 et KExiv2 librairie 0.1.6
KDcraw 0.1.4
Dcraw 8.83
PNG library 1.2.25
Kipi 0.1.5
> Are you any error messages on the console during conversion ?
Running in the console I have (menu Outils (Tools)-->Raw Image Converter) the message:

Found dcraw version: 8.83
Running RAW decoding command: /usr/lib/libkdcraw3/kdcraw -c -e '/PHOTOS/Digikam/2008/Irlande/Kerry/Raw/din_5557.nef'
Using embedded RAW preview extraction
Running RAW decoding command: /usr/lib/libkdcraw3/kdcraw -i -v '/PHOTOS/Digikam/2008/Irlande/Kerry/Raw/din_5557.nef'
Running RAW decoding command: /usr/lib/libkdcraw3/kdcraw -c -v -f -H 0 -b 1 -k 0 -w -q 0 -C 1.00000 1.00000 -o 1 /PHOTOS/Digikam/2008/Irlande/Kerry/Raw/din_5557.nef
RAW decoding StdErr: Loading NIKON D200 image from /PHOTOS/Digikam/2008/Irlande/Kerry/Raw/din_5557.nef ...
RAW decoding StdErr: Scaling with darkness 0, saturation 4028, and
RAW decoding StdErr:  1.91796
RAW decoding StdErr:  1.00000
RAW decoding StdErr:  1.26171
RAW decoding StdErr:  1.00000
RAW decoding StdErr:
RAW decoding StdErr: Bilinear interpolation...
RAW decoding StdErr: Converting to sRGB colorspace...
RAW decoding StdErr: Writing data to standard output ...
(800 x 536) JPEG image preview size: 90526 bytes
digikam: Noticed file change in directory /PHOTOS/Digikam/2008/Irlande/Kerry/Raw
Cannot save metadata using Exiv2  (Size of IPTC JPEG segment is larger than 65535 bytes)
digikam: Noticed file change in directory /PHOTOS/Digikam/2008/Irlande/Kerry/Raw

And since my last mail  I have noted that for some others raws file it works correctly
Many Thanks et bonne soirée

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