[Digikam-users] lost of exif data when converting from raw

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 16:37:19 BST 2008


If in your workflow RAW -> PNG -> JPEG, the fianl JPEG file include
Exif, this must mean than Exif are in PNG (:=)))

try exiftool foo.png for ex in a console.

But, i'm suprized... You canot see Exif in digiKam ?

Note : i always use PNG in my RAW workflow everyday. Exif is visible in digiKam.

Note2 : I have implemented PNG metadata writting mode on the fly in
current Exiv2 library (next 0.18). This is want mean than you will be
able to record/update all digiKam metadata as it's done with JPEG
(using Caption and Tags for ex.)



Gilles Caulier

2008/8/11 POTTIER Michel <Michel.pottier at free.fr>:
> Le Monday 11 August 2008 15:11:12 Gerhard Kulzer, vous avez écrit :
>> On Monday 11 August 2008 14:56:30 POTTIER Michel wrote:
>> > Hello all,
>> >  When i convert raw file (nikon nef) to jpeg format i lost all the
>> > meta-data. I have not this problem when converting to png format.
>> > Is there something to configure?
>> >
>> > I use digikam 0.9.4 with a mandriva 2008.1
>> > Thanks in advance
>> Don't you have it the other way around?
>> There is no setting, if possible digiKam will write metadata to any file
>> format. And jpeg is the first one to be supported.
> If I save from png to jpeg I have the meta-data in the new jpeg file.
> So i can do: Raw --> png ---> jpg
> But it was very strange for me to have not the exif in the jpeg and to have it
> in the png file because, as you say, jpeg is the first supported format, and
> because in the documentation of dcraw they said "If you choose JPEG as Save
> Format then the meta-data included in RAW file will be included in the JPEG
> files like Exif information."
> So i think something is wrong somewhere.
> Thanks
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