[Digikam-users] DNG-RAW to jpeg conversion artifacts

Stefan Grosse singularitaet at gmx.net
Tue Jun 5 16:38:13 BST 2007

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Subject: Re:[Digikam-users] DNG-RAW to jpeg conversion artifacts
From: Luka Renko <lure at kubuntu.org>
To: digikam-users at kde.org
Date: 05.06.2007 17:15
> I would like to point out that dcraw 8.60 is the last version which has free 
> license. Newer version have some license restricitions which are preventing 
> use in Debian or Ubuntu (main/universe).

Well, as I understand the licence as long as you do not change the dcraw
source its still free to use:

>/    *If you have not modified dcraw.c in any way, a link to my
/>/     homepage qualifies as "full source code".

So how comes, if there is discussion, that debian has ufraw 0.11 in
unstable (it uses dcraw 8.72) ?

Hm. As "end user" I really dont like all those licence stuff....


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