[Digikam-users] Set Image Date and time?

Hubert Furey fureys at vif.com
Sun Jun 3 03:08:09 BST 2007

Hubert Furey <fureys at ...> writes:

> I am having problems to get this to work for me...I selected 95 images and
> choose Subtract 6 hours, sync the exif and IPTC tags.  It appears that all 95
> images now have the exact same modified date and time.  It appears to be from
> the first image in the list.  As well the EXIF information was not updated so
> you can still find the original chronological sequence...
> Has any else experienced this?
> using Digikam 0.9.1 (Using KDE 3.5.6) , Ubuntu 7.04.  KIPI lib ver 0.15.
> Thanks 
> Hubert
So what should I do with this problem?  I'm new to this type of scenario....Do I
wait for someone to help?  Do I simply list this as a bug?  Am I supposed to
trouble shoot this some more before I report the bug?  What do others do?



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