[Digikam-users] "Apply" button in right side bar

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Sun Jan 21 22:06:27 GMT 2007

Hi all, 

I would to add than Marcel speaking about current implemetation from svn 
trunk. The Apply button have been added to Comments & Tags sidebar and will 
be available to next digiKam 0.9.1 release.

Gilles Caulier

Le dimanche 21 janvier 2007 22:19, Marcel Wiesweg a écrit :
> Hi,
> there were some complaints about the Apply button in the Comments/Tags
> sidebar. These included:
> - users assume that the changes are applied only if the button is pressed,
> and not as well when moving to the next image
> - when editing multiple pictures, inadvertent changes can easily affect
> many pictures. So here it is even more important to make clear when changes
> are applied.
> I would like to add that implementing an undo feature is not trivial.
> My suggestions:
> 1) Single selection
> Changes are applied immediately, visible after each keystroke in main view.
> (Only database, DMetadata is slow, update still only on selection change)
> The Apply button is not needed.
> Cons:
> The Apply button has been introduced because some users have complained
> that the behaviour of the Comments/Tags tab is obscur.
> 2) Multiple selection
> At the very first change, the user is asked if he wants to auto-apply
> changes in multiple selection. This option can be changed from the menu on
> the "More" button.
> 	a) Auto-apply
> 		Changes are applied on selection change
> 	b) No auto-apply
> 		The "Apply" button is shown. Changes are applied
> 		only if the button is pressed.
> 		On selection change with changes, a message box
> 		asks if changes shall be applied.
> Please tell me if this is an improvement to the current situation:
> usability-wise, for "educating" new users, and acceptable for power users.
> Or if the current situtation is all right.
> Or give other suggestions.
> Marcel
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