[Digikam-users] "Apply" button in right side bar

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Jan 21 21:19:04 GMT 2007


there were some complaints about the Apply button in the Comments/Tags 
sidebar. These included:
- users assume that the changes are applied only if the button is pressed, and 
not as well when moving to the next image
- when editing multiple pictures, inadvertent changes can easily affect many 
pictures. So here it is even more important to make clear when changes are 

I would like to add that implementing an undo feature is not trivial.

My suggestions:

1) Single selection
Changes are applied immediately, visible after each keystroke in main view.
(Only database, DMetadata is slow, update still only on selection change)
The Apply button is not needed.

The Apply button has been introduced because some users have complained that 
the behaviour of the Comments/Tags tab is obscur.

2) Multiple selection
At the very first change, the user is asked if he wants to auto-apply changes 
in multiple selection. This option can be changed from the menu on the "More" 
	a) Auto-apply
		Changes are applied on selection change
	b) No auto-apply
		The "Apply" button is shown. Changes are applied
		only if the button is pressed.
		On selection change with changes, a message box 
		asks if changes shall be applied.

Please tell me if this is an improvement to the current situation: 
usability-wise, for "educating" new users, and acceptable for power users.
Or if the current situtation is all right.
Or give other suggestions.


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