[Digikam-users] A new version in debian testing packages ?

Pedro Neves paneves at ualg.pt
Thu Jan 11 16:20:45 GMT 2007

yves thomazeau wrote:
> I have the installed and i see in synaptic that there is the 
> 2:0.8.2-3 to be the new one ?
> As my actual version is almost perfect and has all the newest features 
> decribed in the wiki , i wonder which one is the oldest ?
> Of course the fist number 2 would suggest it is the last developpement but 
> then the next numbers are 0.9 against 0.8 versions that would suggest the 
> opposite ....
> Can you make that clear to me and the debian users ?
> A very good year to all the team .
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I've noticed that only after I made the (down)grade. I don't know 
exactly why they downgraded the package, but I think it had something to 
do with libexiv2 (maybe someone can explain this properly ;-)
Now I've lost all the new features and I cannot revert to my previous 
situation, so my sugestion is DON't "upgrade".

By the way, is there any change to get the Debian package for 0.9 back?

Thanks in advance


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