[Digikam-users] A new version in debian testing packages ?

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Sat Jan 13 20:59:54 GMT 2007

On Thursday, 11. January 2007 17:20, Pedro Neves wrote:
> yves thomazeau wrote:
> > I have the installed and i see in synaptic that there is the 
> > 2:0.8.2-3 to be the new one ?
> > As my actual version is almost perfect and has all the newest features 
> > decribed in the wiki , i wonder which one is the oldest ?
> > Of course the fist number 2 would suggest it is the last developpement but 
> > then the next numbers are 0.9 against 0.8 versions that would suggest the 
> > opposite ....
> > Can you make that clear to me and the debian users ?

In 2:0.8.2 the number before the : is called the epoch.
It's used to get a normal upgrade when the upstream
is really smaller.  So 1:0.9.0 is smaller than 2:0.8.2.

> > A very good year to all the team .
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> Hi:
> I've noticed that only after I made the (down)grade. I don't know 
> exactly why they downgraded the package, but I think it had something to 
> do with libexiv2 (maybe someone can explain this properly ;-)

You are right. Since digikam 0.9-rc2, exiv2 0.12 is required.
That was not soon enought in debian and could later not be uploaded
to sid due to debian freeze for etch.

Debian release managers decided that it's not save enough.
So we had to revert to 0.8.2, because 0.9-rc1 was not stable enough
to release for etch :(

> Now I've lost all the new features and I cannot revert to my previous 
> situation, so my sugestion is DON't "upgrade".
> By the way, is there any change to get the Debian package for 0.9 back?

For the time of the etch freeze digikam 0.9 gets uploaded to the
experimental distro not sid.

You can add experimental to your /etc/apt/sources.list and install
digikam 0.9 with

    apt-get -t experimental install digikam showfoto digikamimageplugins kipi-plugins

(since the latest upload, showfoto is now in it's own pkg).

> Thanks in advance
> Pedro
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