[Digikam-users] My Albums missing?

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Thu Dec 27 21:55:16 GMT 2007

> Wonder if anyone can help?
> I'm using v0.9.2-final. All files on camera are found and successfully
> downloaded to a new album of my choosing and the all go into
> ~/Pictures/*
> The weird thing is that it can find my 'old' albums there and display
> them in the My Albums sidebar list (by date, folder, whatever) the new
> files are there too but it never shows them in digikam only on the
> filesystem! If I try to import the folder it complains that it already
> exists, the same if I try re-downloading from camera etc.
> I've been thru all the settings and can't see anything obvious, tried
> rebuiding metadata, thumbnails etc but it doesn't seem to see the
> folders on the filesystem.
> So any help would be great - thanks in advance.
> DIL23

If I understand correctly your root album is ~/Pictures and imported
pictures are like ~/Pictures/*.jpg ? digiKam doesn't see them. They have
to be in album one level "lower".

If I didn't understand correctly what about file type, are they in list
of acceptable file extensions?

Third: try to upgrade to 0.9.3, released on 23th.


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