[Digikam-users] Image management tutorial

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Sun Aug 5 18:03:49 BST 2007


The thread "Image organisation query" got me thinking. Is there a "Image 
management tutorial" based on digikam? 

A couple of questions I have in mind that should be answered:

Should I set my camera to RAW or JPEG?
How should I organize my images on the disc?
How do I backup my images?
How should I organize my RAW images and the edited images?
Should I tag the raw files, even if it isn't possible to store the tags in the 
RAW files right now?
When should I use PNG, TIFF or JPEG as my final image format.
How should I tag my images. For instance:
  * Person -> <family name> -> <family name, name>
  * Person -> <family name> -> <name>
  * Person -> <work, friends, ...> -> <family name> -> <family name, name>

If you do not know such a tutorial I'm thinking on starting one. Only problem 
is, that I'm not quite sure, what the best answers to the questions are. I 
just started to try to manage my images.

Digikam is a good tool, but the best tool is useless if I do not know how to 
use a tool in a workflow.


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