[Digikam-users] New splash for Digikam + Studio

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Fri Sep 29 18:04:41 BST 2006

On Friday 29 September 2006 05:53, Peter Neubauer wrote:
> David,
> actually, I hadn't realized that there was a wizard for this in
> Digikam, very nice indeed!

I like it, yes!

I should make it clear I had no hand in programming it, though I did get 
inside the code to work out how to add in other page layouts.

> Now, what I would like is:
> - instead of the red rectangle for cropping pics, a full aspect ratio
> crop, that even displays the cropped pics afterwards so you get an
> impression what it looks like

Just to check understanding (as I'm not with you on 'aspect ratio crop') - do 
you mean a resizing which fits the *whole* picture into the available print 
slot (rather than fitting one of the dimensions and leaving some to be 
cropped out to fit the other)?  If so, I'd agree it would be a good 

> - custom paper and image sizes

I'd certainly agree with that - but having looked at the code it would take a 
little rewriting to achieve it.  

At present, the paper sizes and layouts for images are hard-coded into the 
program; I don't think it would be too difficult to make the program read a 
configuration file instead.   What might be trickier is working out a 
sensible GUI approach to the creation of custom paper sizes and layouts.

Is Todd reading this list at the moment?

David Aldred

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