[Digikam-users] Wrong descriptions of GPS tags

linux newbie firsttimelinux at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 10:45:15 BST 2006

  I'm using digikam 0.8.2 (as provided by Mandriva 2007) and notice that the description of the metadata tags for GPS information are incorrect.  I'm not sure if this is handled by digikam itself or in the exif library?
If I look at the properties of a jpg with GPS information added, I see the following tags:
    GPS tag version     0x02, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00
    InteroperabilityIndex N
    InteroperabilityVersion   47.00, 13.83, 0.00
    East or West Longitude E
    Longitude       7.00, 24.21, 0.00
    Altitude reference  0x00
    Altitude                1377.98
    InteroperabilityIndex   R98
  Obviously the labels for "North or South Latitude" and "Latitude" are incorrect, even though they can be properly read out by two other programs.  However as I said I'm not sure if the labels come from digikam or from the exiv2 library?
  As a separate question, I downloaded the source tarball for digikam-0.9.0-beta2 and can see that all the spelling mistakes which I submitted to the team (to the devel mailing list) back in March, are _still_ present in the latest tarball.  Can you tell me how long it will take for the corrections I submitted to get incorporated into the release?

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