[Digikam-users] problems in compile gphoto2-2.2.0 using libgphot2-2.2.1

Hubert Figuiere hubertf at xandros.com
Sat Oct 21 18:23:51 BST 2006

adasal wrote:
> On make I get to here:-
> In function `delete_all_action':
> /home/adam/gphoto2-2.2.0/gphoto2/gphoto2/gphoto2/actions.c:62: undefined
> reference to `gp_camera_folder_delete_all'
> gphoto2-actions.o(.text+0x30): In function `action_camera_upload_file':
> /home/adam/gphoto2-2.2.0/gphoto2/gphoto2/gphoto2/actions.c:71: undefined
> reference to `gp_log'
> gphoto2-actions.o(.text+0x3b):/home/adam/gphoto2-2.2.0/gphoto2/gphoto2/gphoto2/actions.c:73:
> undefined reference to `gp_file_new'
> ..............
> then a whole host of files with undefined references.
> Adam

Ask the gphoto-devel mailing list then


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