[Digikam-users] gpssync manual?

Gandalf Lechner lechner at theorie.physik.uni-goe.de
Mon Oct 9 19:03:51 BST 2006

Thanks for the help, now I have the gpssync plugin up and running - it is 
precisely what i was looking for for quite some time! Here I would like to 
add a few comments/suggestions:

- At first I didn't realize the plugin was already installed correctly because 
there was no way to edit the gps data from the metadata/gps menu, but only 
through the image menu. Maybe there could be a button like eg "add gps data" 
in the metadata/gps menu if no entry has been made already.

- In manually selecting the photo location, it would be great to be able to 
zoom in/out with mouse wheel up/down, as in googleearth. Helps a lot in 
finding the right location quicker.
- A feature which would be great for organizing travel pics would be automatic 
tagging according to the gps data. I imagine a keyword structure "location" 
with subkeywords continent/country/city. A gps entry with corresponding data 
would then result in associating the keyword Location/Europe/Italy/Rome with 
this picture.
- Another feature I would love to have is an overview world map with stickers 
at all the places where fotos with corresponding gps entries are located, and 
maybe the possibility to select a set of pics by dragging the mouse over some 
area on this map.

Thanks a lot to the developers for this plugin!



Am Montag, 9. Oktober 2006 16:40 schrieb Birkir A. Barkarson:
> > i just discovered the screenshot of the gpssync plugin and wonder if it
> > is possible to use it also for entering the position data of the photos
> > manually. in my installation of digikam, i have a "gps" sheet under the
> > metadata entries, but there seems to be no way to edit the gps data. how
> > to use the plugin as shown in
> > http://digikam3rdparty.free.fr/Screenshots/newkipigpssyncplugin.png ?
> If you install it you can use it to enter co-ordinates in manually.
>  From the Image menu select GPS Sync, then clicking the edit buttons
> displays google maps and allows you to zoom in to select a location.
> Then just apply to the images you selected.
> I don't think gspsync has been released yet as a stable release so you
> might have to fetch the kipi plugins from svn and compile/install yourself.
> Cheers,
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