[Digikam-users] Date/Time and EXIF-Data?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Oct 9 11:01:57 BST 2006

> Hello together,
> I don't quite understand the way Digikam handles the dates and times of the
> pictures (as of Beta2):
> There seems to be no way to change the EXIF-provided date and time. I can,
> however change the date and the time with the side bar or the menu entry.
> This does unfortunately not change the EXIF-values, only Digikam's
> database, so bringing EXIF and DB out of sync. Is this by design? I hope
> not....
> Moreover, can't EXIF-Tags be created for pictures for which the camera
> (e.g. my mobile phone) does not create any? I'd like to have as many values
> as possible stored within the picture, re-usable for other software.

Which values are written to the metadata can be configured in the "Metadata" 
tab of the settings. Have you toggled on the "Save image time stamp..." 
option at the bottom?


> Anders

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