[Digikam-users] Date/Time and EXIF-Data?

Anders one_way at online.de
Mon Oct 9 16:33:08 BST 2006

> > There seems to be no way to change the EXIF-provided date and time. I
> > can, however change the date and the time with the side bar or the menu
> > entry. This does unfortunately not change the EXIF-values, only Digikam's
> > database, so bringing EXIF and DB out of sync. Is this by design? I hope
> > not....
> >
> > Moreover, can't EXIF-Tags be created for pictures for which the camera
> > (e.g. my mobile phone) does not create any? I'd like to have as many
> > values as possible stored within the picture, re-usable for other
> > software.
> Which values are written to the metadata can be configured in the
> "Metadata" tab of the settings. Have you toggled on the "Save image time
> stamp..." option at the bottom?

Yes, that should be turned on. At least in the GUI it is.

The corresponding entries in the config file read:

[EXIF Settings]
EXIF Rotate=true
EXIF Set Orientation=true
Save EXIF Comments=true

And in another place of the config file (???):

[Metadata Settings]
IPTC Author=
IPTC Author Title=
IPTC Copyright=
IPTC Credit=
IPTC Source=
Save Date Time=true
Save EXIF Comments=true
Save IPTC Credits=false
Save IPTC Photographer ID=false
Save IPTC Rating=true
Save IPTC Tags=true

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