[Digikam-users] Edit metadata and geotagging plugins

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 17:10:11 GMT 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Though this is related to GPS, I am
> not sure, whether this should go into GPSSync
> or just be an add-on to the normal tags.
> I.e.: After right-Click on a tag to edit the tag properties
> one should have additional fields for longitude/latitude/height
> information. On the other hand, at this place this could be connnected
> with GPSSync (in additional to a manual edit).

I don't really guess what you would like.
Do you mean you would like to add a geolocalization for tags ?
Eg: you add a tag (eg Helsinky or summer2006) and you want localization 
for that ?
IMHO, it looks a bit weird as tags usually don't describe a specific 
place (or not only...).

One suggestion I had would be to be able to search for pictures within a 
specific range (eg 10kms around a specific point or above 2000m). But, 
this kind of features would need the database to also keep these 
geolocalization informations. (later than 0.9 according to Gilles).

Do you think this feature would be useful for you ?

> Anyway, once BKO is up again, I will add this...
It seems to be up now :)


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