[Digikam-users] IPTC, EXIF, Kphotoalbum

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Wed Nov 1 12:19:09 GMT 2006


On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 03:27:44PM +0100, Caulier Gilles wrote:

> Ah. I cannot reproduce it here. Witch version of digiKam you use ?

I'm using Digikam 0.8.2 on KDE 3.5.5.

Actually, my files layout on disk looks something like :

aquatique/13_rangiroa-2006-10-20/Diving - L'Eolienne/
aquatique/13_rangiroa-2006-10-20/Diving - L'Eolienne/Movie
aquatique/13_rangiroa-2006-10-20/Diving - L'Eolienne/Picture

[aquatique/13_rangiroa-2006-10-20/<Some others directories>]

aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - L'Eolienne/
aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - L'Eolienne/Movie
aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - L'Eolienne/Picture
aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - Passe de Tiputa/
aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - Passe de Tiputa/Movie
aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - Passe de Tiputa/Picture

[aquatique/13_rangiroa-2006-10-21/<Some others directories>]

So if I import, in the same collection, let's say,

  aquatique/13_rangiroa-2006-10-20/Diving - L'Eolienne/
  aquatique/14_rangiroa-2006-10-21/Diving - L'Eolienne/

I will end up with

  . empty Albums (Diving - L'Eolienne)
  . Albums with the same name (Movie, Picture, Diving - L'Eolienne)

Even if I'd reorganized my layout to look something like :


I could have duplicates Album names.

The only soluton would be I guess to make each nn-rangiroa-yyyy-mm-dd
directory a Collection.
Doesn't the hierachical tags concept imply that all pictures should
more or less be in a flat directory ?

In other words, if pictures are organized on a folder with sub-folders
directories on disk, hadn't be that hierarchy better to be represented
with tags ?

How to manage to keep that on-disk-organization AND the inside Digikam
one ?

Thomas Hummel

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