[Digikam-users] IPTC, EXIF, Kphotoalbum

Hubert Figuiere hubertf at xandros.com
Wed Nov 1 13:48:06 GMT 2006

Caulier Gilles wrote:

> Do you know Nikon Capture NX software to handle NEF RAW files ?

I have contradictory information about that. But it looks like it create
a side car file as well. Even if they don't, Nikon has the knowledge of
their file, unlike anybody else.
> It work exactly like this about versionning of pictures. All actions in 
> pictures editor are stored in a dedicaced TIFF/EP tag (Yes, NEF RAW files are 
> based on TIFF/EP format). The RAW image data are untouched, but a new tiff 
> tag is add to the pictures file to store a proprietary bytes array. 

It does not matter. It is not because they do it that you should do it.
See my comment above about their intimate knownledge of the file format.
And the fact that they only handle one type of file: theirs.

> The data width are very small (around 5Kb) and store a list of actions 
> processed by the GUI to edit picture, like crop, rotation, and other stuff.

Adobe software (Lightroom, Camera Raw) put that in the sidecar file.
Apple Aperture as well.


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