[Digikam-users] Using digikam on two computers?

Turgut Durduran durduran at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 15 05:40:38 BST 2006


I am a new user of digikam. So far I like it over my
previous method of using various perl scripts and
file-naming conventions.

I can't figure out one thing though (well, few more
too see below).

I use a desktop computer for storage of my photos.
That contains all my collections. Then I have a laptop
that contains a subset that I am working on --
cropping, adjusting colors, sorting, tagging etc. The
laptop does not have large enough of a hard-drive to
contain the whole set. 

Ideally, I want to be able to open an album, tag my
photos, play with them on my laptop and somehow sync
with those on desktop. Ofcourse, I am talking about
digikam purposes, I know how to sync the files. This
is probably not so straightforward.  So I am thinking,
I should be able to "merge" two databases of tags
somehow. Is it possible?

Also, I tried converting a .nef file to BW and it
played (and pretty much destroyed) the preview file
and did not ask me for a "save as" option. Is that
normal behavior?

regarding exports to html. I realize that may be
question for the plugin forums but I will give it a
shot anyway. is it possible to change the layout?
colors etc? is it a css based system?

finally the print-wizard. can I create custom
thumbnail sizes?



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