[Digikam-users] My first impression about the 0.8.2

yves.thomazeau yves.thomazeau at neuf.fr
Fri Jun 2 22:03:18 BST 2006

At last i have been able to get a 0.8 version for my picture collection ;
I am quite pleased with it ,i enjoy the search improvement and all the little 
plus the team has added .
For example i do not have now the disparition of the exif information after 
editing a picture and this is important for me . 
Two little things i have noticed that i d like to talk about .
First : curiously, the exit tabs under properties are all empty for all my 
pictures now though the histogram and file properties are there ( and the 
exif too of i use Konqueror) .I maybe lack of some libs somwhere ?
Secondly: I think from the beginning of my digikam discovery that counting 
should be added on the whole folders as it would be usefull to verify if all 
the pictures have been tagged.
For example i know that i kave 200 pictures and i d like to see that all of 
them are localised (thet means that under the location etiquettes there are 
200 pictures as well) .
But maybe ther is better ways to control this ?
Mon Site Web : http://yvesperso.ouvaton.org/

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