[Digikam-users] Digikam and KPhotoAlbum

Michael Gerdau mgd at technosis.de
Fri Dec 22 11:24:46 GMT 2006

> >   a) KPhotoAlbum has a very convenient way of creating collections
> >      of my images. You can assign keywords, persons, locations etc.
> >      to pictures (something like a hierarchical structure though not
> >      completely user defineable). Each such keyword (person/location/etc.)
> >      does create something like a "dynamic" album. Each image thus
> >      belongs to several "dynamic" albums (basically reflecting the
> >      hierarchical structure made up by the keywords etc).
> >      That implies that by proper tagging one can very conveniently
> >      add/remove pictures to albums thereby creating lots of different
> >      groupings of my images.
> >      I don't know whether the same would be possible in digikam but
> >      if so it is at least not as intuitive (I won't argue about ease
> >      of use as I not even how it could be done at all).
> Exactly what you describe is already in Digikam - It's called "Tags" You
> can assign multiple tags (e.g. places, people etc.) to each image and
> you are then able to quickly view your images by tag. It works pretty
> much exactly how you want.

I'm aware I can assign tags to images.
What IMO KPhotoAlbum has and I want in digikam is a hierarchie of tags.

Sorry for not having been clearer before.

> The concept of "Ablums" as a physical 
> location still exists but you could almost complete hide this is you
> want to use tags as your primary UI.

Ok, after having read this remark and trying to find it I now see
that it was just me being stupid.

So all I'm missing now is the concept of a tag hierarchie.

> >   b) When showing the pictures the attached comment as well the
> >      keywords etc. do appear in a small textbox on the picture as well.
> >      I do like that feature very much and have not found something
> >      like that in digikam.
> >      If it's not there I'd expect it to be easily implemented and of
> >      course the box as well as all content should be configureable :-)
> Well Digikam has more of an "Image Editor" than an "Image Viewer", so
> this info isn't displayed by default. What you can do is display the
> comments sidebar when viewing the thumbnails inside the Digikam manager.

I want it displayed during a slideshow... :)

> Not ideal I agree.


> Others who know better may be able to tell you how to 
> adjust the image editor to display the comments properly.

Again I apoligize for not having made myself clearer:
I don't need it in the image editor, I want it during a slideshow,
i.e. when showing a series of pictures to friends, via beamer or

And while I'm at that:
being able to connect audio files to images and play them during a
slideshow would be a perfect addition.

> You can view by date easily in Digikam too. Just like Tags, there is a
> Dates sidebar. :) Look along the left hand side and you'll see Albums,
> Dates, Tags, Searches. :D

Found that too (again me being stupid). Sorry for the noise.

> Hope this helps

It did, thank you very much.

Best wishes,
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