[Digikam-users] Digikam and KPhotoAlbum

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Dec 22 09:52:39 GMT 2006

Hi Michael,

Michael Gerdau wrote:
>   a) KPhotoAlbum has a very convenient way of creating collections
>      of my images. You can assign keywords, persons, locations etc.
>      to pictures (something like a hierarchical structure though not
>      completely user defineable). Each such keyword (person/location/etc.)
>      does create something like a "dynamic" album. Each image thus
>      belongs to several "dynamic" albums (basically reflecting the
>      hierarchical structure made up by the keywords etc).
>      That implies that by proper tagging one can very conveniently
>      add/remove pictures to albums thereby creating lots of different
>      groupings of my images.
>      I don't know whether the same would be possible in digikam but
>      if so it is at least not as intuitive (I won't argue about ease
>      of use as I not even how it could be done at all).

Exactly what you describe is already in Digikam - It's called "Tags" You
can assign multiple tags (e.g. places, people etc.) to each image and
you are then able to quickly view your images by tag. It works pretty
much exactly how you want. The concept of "Ablums" as a physical
location still exists but you could almost complete hide this is you
want to use tags as your primary UI.

>   b) When showing the pictures the attached comment as well the
>      keywords etc. do appear in a small textbox on the picture as well.
>      I do like that feature very much and have not found something
>      like that in digikam.
>      If it's not there I'd expect it to be easily implemented and of
>      course the box as well as all content should be configureable :-)

Well Digikam has more of an "Image Editor" than an "Image Viewer", so
this info isn't displayed by default. What you can do is display the
comments sidebar when viewing the thumbnails inside the Digikam manager.
Not ideal I agree. Others who know better may be able to tell you how to
adjust the image editor to display the comments properly.

>   c) Last not least I do like the timeline view/statistics of my images
>      as can be seen in KPhotoAlbum. Basically date and time is just
>      another "keyword" and thus this should possibly have been mentioned
>      under a) above. But I just now remembered it...

You can view by date easily in Digikam too. Just like Tags, there is a
Dates sidebar. :) Look along the left hand side and you'll see Albums,
Dates, Tags, Searches. :D

Hope this helps


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