[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

Markus Spring m.spring at gmx.de
Fri Dec 22 10:22:51 GMT 2006

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Duncan Hill schrieb:
> On Thursday 21 December 2006 20:27, Oliver Dörr wrote:
>> PPS: I personally don't believe that sqlite is stable, at least not the
>> way i'm using it. Me and my wife are using on computer with digikam and
>> the same album library path. So from to time digikam is started twice. I
>> now the digikam is not designed for that, but thats we way the us it ;-)
> I forget where I read it, but SQLite does NOT support concurrent access to the 
> same datafile due to the way it operates.  If you're using a tool in a manner 
> that isn't supported by the tool, then you should expect problems to happen - 
> it's like using a 50 lb hammer to adjust your watch.  
> I'd almost say that digiKam should execute an exclusive file lock on the 
> database when it boots up, and pray that your concurrent access method passes 
> on the exclusive lock information.
in fact, it does lock the database for other applications. I use a perl script
to sophistically rename my image files and database entries, and this script
stops when digikam is open - at least when already a write operation had be
performed on the database.
Probably the application should prevent another instance to be started on the
same database.

Regards - Markus
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