[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Thu Dec 21 20:10:31 GMT 2006

Am Samstag, 16. Dezember 2006 15:08 schrieb jdd:
> Duncan Hill a écrit :
> > There are tools for doing backups that do them very well.
> the problem is backing up the data base in the way they
> don't lose track of images. this is very difficult to acheive.
> > The benefit of the sqlite database file is that you have on central
> > location to easily store and retrieve the information.
> and the need of yet another database engine...
>    This also makes
> > it faster than scanning 8000 photos to find all photos matching
> > 'london'.
> there is no "london" in any photo if you don't key it in
> yourself
> I use digikam for more than a year now and have already lost
> my datas 2 or three time :-((

How did you do that? 
I use digiKam since 3 years now, I compile daily from svn (riskier it cannot 
come, I had many, many crashes), I've about 18000 images tagged and I never 
lost any tags. In my opinion the most stable thing in digikam is sqlite and 
therefore tagging.


> tagging and commenting the images is extremely tedious and
> making this more than once is more than I can support :-(
> jdd


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