[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

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Sat Dec 16 14:42:19 GMT 2006

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>Duncan Hill a écrit :
> > There are tools for doing backups that do them very well.
>the problem is backing up the data base in the way they
>don't lose track of images. this is very difficult to acheive.
> > The benefit of the sqlite database file is that you have on central
> > location to easily store and retrieve the information.
>and the need of yet another database engine...
>    This also makes
> > it faster than scanning 8000 photos to find all photos matching
> > 'london'.
>there is no "london" in any photo if you don't key it in
>I use digikam for more than a year now and have already lost
>my datas 2 or three time :-((
>tagging and commenting the images is extremely tedious and
>making this more than once is more than I can support :-(

This would be nice:

"album auto tag" option:

[x]  automatically add album tags
        [x]   inherit tags from parent album

especially when downloading from camera

so that you assign tags to an album and they are automatically assigned to 
images imported to that album, IF you chose to do so on the import.

I don't see it in BKO, can some one verify?

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