[Digikam-users] export to html gallery

Stefano Stabellini stefano at stabellini.net
Thu Dec 14 18:37:53 GMT 2006

Gilles Caulier wrote:
> On Thursday 14 December 2006 03:30, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have just bought my first digital camera so I started using digikam.
>> First I want to say that digikam is really impressive both as simplicity
>> and power, certainly one of the best kde desktop apps ever.
>> I really want to thank all the developers for this.
> Thanks. Witch version you use exactly ?

0.8.2 (kde 3.5.5) on kubuntu edgy

>> Since I have a little website I tried exporting my galleries to HTML,
>> and again digikam did the job very well.
>> Too bad that the second time I wanted to export a gallery I had to
>> export also the first one because if I didn't the index.html was
>> overwritten with only the new gallery.
>> Not a problem with 2-3 galleries but try to image what would happen with
>> 50-60 galleries...
>> To overcome this problem I wrote a little python script that take the
>> main html galleries directory and a temporary directory with only the
>> last published gallery and merge them.
>> It took me only a couple of hours and I'm really new to python, so I
>> guess that for you would be really easy to add this feature.
>> Hoping to be a little helpful I attached my script to this mail.
> Well, if you want to contact developpers, this is not the right way to post 
> this script or reporting a problem. I don't know exactly witch tool you have 
> used :
> - Gallery Export
> - HTML Export

I was talking about html export

> ... Both are kipi-plugins and are developped outside digiKam core 
> (http://www.kipi-plugins.org). Kipi developpers are in others mailling list : 
> kde-imaging at kde.org
> If your goal with this mail is to contact developpers, please post your 
> message in this ML. Thanks in advance.

thank you, I'll post another message on that mailing list

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