[Digikam-users] Exiv2 library missing???

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Tue Dec 5 12:58:52 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 12:23, Fabien wrote:
> Ok, I changed the website and the compile_digikam.txt script.
> Note, only compile_digikam.txt needs to be changed.
> Could you try with the latest script and sent the one you used so we can
> check what's the problem ?
> I hope you didn't put the export PKG_CONFIG_PATH *before* the definition

hehe, could be possible :-)
but no, I had it in the right place.

Now, I have still no luck. Just to be sure I've downloaded the scripts again 
and used them for another try. Here's what I did:

- deleted everything in /home/digi/digikamSVN and in /home/digi/digikam_svn
- placed freshly downloaded scripts in /home/digi/digikam_svn
- in console (as user daniel):
	su -l digi (+ password)
	cd digikam_svn
	./compile_exiv2.sh >compile_exiv2.out.txt 2>&1
	./compile_digikam.sh >compile_digikam.out.txt 2>&1

Got the same errors.... 

One thing I wonder: while running compile_digikam, in the results for the 
Kipi_Plugins configure it says:

-- Exiv2 library found............ YES

but later in the same script, in the results for digiKam configure, it says:

-- Exiv2 library found............ NO

So it is as if it forgot where the Exiv2 library is during executing the 

I copied everything to my server, so you can see all the output. The above 
mentioned lines are 1243 (Yes) and 5087 (no) in the compile-digikam-output. 
I've also copied the used scripts on the server, but they should be exactly 
what I've downloaded except of the changed path... But you can check, if I 
messed up something, although I think I havn't.

here's the ouput:

and the scripts:

I wonder about the "/" at the end of the DIGIKAMDEST-path, because then 
sometimes I see "/home/digi/digikamSVN//" with two "/". However, I've also 
tried with leaving the final "/" away, didn't change anything. 

till later

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