[Digikam-users] Translations for digikam

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Mon Dec 4 16:53:52 GMT 2006

Le Lundi 4 Décembre 2006 14:48, Duncan Hill a écrit :
> With Gilles mentioning that Exiv2 is getting NLS support, I started looking
> at doing some of the work needed to correct the digiKam interface for
> British English (things like color being spelt colour).
> I've worked out 
> how to get the .pot file, and how to use kbabel or a text editor to turn
> that into a .po file.  What I can't work out is how to recompile digikam so
> that it knows about the po files and converts them appropriately for use.
> What have I missed? :)

I'm happy to see somebody witch improve the English words used by digiKam. 
Like you know certainly, Me, Marcel, and Paco we are'nt native English spoken 

I think than you missunderstand something. All strings in English witch must 
be translated are in the source code. It easy to find it. Just grep the 
string to correct in all *.cpp source code, and fix it with your favorite 

In kde repository, all days a script parse source code to extract strings 
witch must be i18n. All strings are strored in .po files witch will be 
translated by i18n team.

If you want to fix English words, you need to fix source code. Forget Kbabel 
and po files, it's for translators.

All internationalized strings in digiKam source code are wrapped with the 
i18n() enclosure. For example we have in Comments & tags side bar :

QVGroupBox* tagsBox = new QVGroupBox(i18n("&Tags"), settingsArea);


popmenu.insertItem(SmallIcon("pencil"), i18n("Edit Tag Properties..."), 11);

There is some coding style to respect. For example, with i18n("&Tags"), '&' is 
to introduce a keyboard shortcut. There is a guide for developpers about to 
implemente internationalization :


If you provide a patch against svn implementation, i can commit you fix in 


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