[Digikam-users] Translations for digikam

Duncan Hill dhill at cricalix.net
Mon Dec 4 17:32:59 GMT 2006

Caulier Gilles wrote:
> Le Lundi 4 Décembre 2006 14:48, Duncan Hill a écrit :
>> With Gilles mentioning that Exiv2 is getting NLS support, I started looking
>> at doing some of the work needed to correct the digiKam interface for
>> British English (things like color being spelt colour).
>> I've worked out 
>> how to get the .pot file, and how to use kbabel or a text editor to turn
>> that into a .po file.  What I can't work out is how to recompile digikam so
>> that it knows about the po files and converts them appropriately for use.
>> What have I missed? :)
> I'm happy to see somebody witch improve the English words used by digiKam. 
> Like you know certainly, Me, Marcel, and Paco we are'nt native English spoken 
> (:=))) 
> I think than you missunderstand something. All strings in English witch must 
> be translated are in the source code. It easy to find it. Just grep the 
> string to correct in all *.cpp source code, and fix it with your favorite 
> editor.
> In kde repository, all days a script parse source code to extract strings 
> witch must be i18n. All strings are strored in .po files witch will be 
> translated by i18n team.
> If you want to fix English words, you need to fix source code. Forget Kbabel 
> and po files, it's for translators.

The issue is that colour is spelt in two different ways in English 
(American vs British) - so even if I fix the language usage in the C++ 
files to be British English, someone in North America is going to 
complain that the interface spells words incorrectly and demand a patch :p

I guess I'll trust in the i18n team to fix the rest of it for the 
appropriate variants of English.  I'll submit patches for the source in 
American English for now - I can use both equally well. :)

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