[Digikam-users] sRGB Vs. Adobe RGB

Marcus Popp marcus.popp at paranoidbsd.org
Thu Apr 6 19:55:59 BST 2006

On 2006-04-06T20:47, Dudas Gabor wrote:
> Hello,
> I also have a camera that supports both sRGB and Adobe RGB. However, from most 
> of the sources (forums, user manual etc) I get the information to stick to the 
> sRGB color space. I am still not really convinced about this issue. I know that 
> the AdobeRBG can represent higher number of colors (the gamut is bigger).
> However in a typical case (that is working with digikam for own printouts on 
> non-calibrated, non-professional screen) I don't see the benefit. And also if I 
> take pictures with AdobeRGB the output on the screen will be much more "flat" in 
> colors.
> The second thing: I am not sure that the photo-labs are using the AdobeRGB.
> Could you explain me why it is good to use it? This color-space stuff is a bit 
> unclear for me.
I've read that it provides better colors, but I cant tell for sure.
My experiments end at importing two images (one with and one without Adobe RGB)
to digikam.

so long,


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