[Digikam-users] sRGB Vs. Adobe RGB

Dudas Gabor dudasg at freemail.hu
Thu Apr 6 20:06:37 BST 2006

Marcus Popp wrote:
> On 2006-04-06T20:47, Dudas Gabor wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I also have a camera that supports both sRGB and Adobe RGB. However, from most 
>> of the sources (forums, user manual etc) I get the information to stick to the 
>> sRGB color space. I am still not really convinced about this issue. I know that 
>> the AdobeRBG can represent higher number of colors (the gamut is bigger).
>> However in a typical case (that is working with digikam for own printouts on 
>> non-calibrated, non-professional screen) I don't see the benefit. And also if I 
>> take pictures with AdobeRGB the output on the screen will be much more "flat" in 
>> colors.
>> The second thing: I am not sure that the photo-labs are using the AdobeRGB.
>> Could you explain me why it is good to use it? This color-space stuff is a bit 
>> unclear for me.

> I've read that it provides better colors, but I cant tell for sure.
> My experiments end at importing two images (one with and one without Adobe RGB)
> to digikam.
> so long,
> Marcus.

I quote from my Canon 350D user manual:

"This is mainly used for commercial printing and other industrial uses. This 
setting is not recommended if you do not know about image processing, AdobeRGB, 
and Design rule for the Camera File System 2.0 (Exif 2.21).
Since the image will look very subdued in an sRGB personal computer environment 
and with printers not compatible with Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 
(Exif 2.21), post-processing of the image with software will be required"


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