[Digikam-users] Question on Casio Exilim EZ40 / SuSE 9.3 / 32Bit

Renchi Raju renchi.raju at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 04:29:45 BST 2005

Dieter Jurzitza wrote:

> IMHO modern distributions will always come with an automounter for (at least) 
> USB-devices, probably more in the future. I attached a script to help all 
> people that use a mass storage device and have such a linux; not intending to 
> distribute this script but (maybe) implement a similar functionality into 
> digikam (job for the C++ gurus, I am a script-kid. Only a suggestion, would 
> help DAU's like me :-))

this is on the todo list. more and more of the new cameras are moving to 
  usb mass-storage protocol and we need to have plug and play handling 
of these cameras by digikam. hopefully, 0.8.1 release for digikam will 
be handle that.

> I did not look into the sources, but, given a DAU who thinks that he knows 
> where to find the files; why can't digikam cope with 
> entering /media/SANVOL/dcim/100casio? I know, it is *not* the mountpoint, but 
> the files are there, I see them there ... and that dumb ( many excuses :-) ) 
> program does not show them ...

there was a bug in digikam (my fault) which caused files in the 
top-level directory not to be listed. its fixed now and the fix will be 
available in 0.8 release.


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