[Digikam-users] GUI usability request

Nikolaus Filus nfilus at gmx.net
Sun Sep 18 16:39:35 BST 2005


recently I saw the annoncement of digikam 0.8 beta for gentoo and wanted 
to take a closer look on my favourite program after a while. Because I 
screwed up my development system recently, I can't really install the 
beta, but the following comments are based on the screenshots on the 

Please! Please don't make the same mistake as many other developers did 
(very common mistake in the kde world) to clutter the interface by using 
sidebars. This is a real big misunderstanding and their invention started 
the fall of many GUIs and their usability. There are a few cases, where 
they are usefull and in the right place, but mostly there are other GUI 
design concepts, which are at least equal powerfull, but more effective 
and less intrusive.
The interface of the 0.7 series was very easy to use and left much space 
for the main purpose of digikam - the photos. By introducing 2 sidebars 
and now a separation into 3 parts you loose all the space for the photos 
and they are quenched together. The whole sidebar on the left side can be 
replaced by a simple drop-down menu with Group-by (Album, Date, Tag) and 
a filter function on top. It also makes the right sidebar (Tag filters) 

Please consider this little user (and a developer with usability 
sensitisation) feedback or make the new design at least an option to turn 

Thank you very much for your good work.

Nikolaus Filus
Technical University Berlin
Software Development and Usability

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