[Digikam-users] Question on Casio Exilim EZ40 / SuSE 9.3 / 32Bit

Dieter Jurzitza dieter.jurzitza at t-online.de
Tue Sep 20 20:58:25 BST 2005

Dear Renchi,
dear listmembers,
thank you for your hint, using /media/SANVOL did the trick.

Let me make some suggestions (even though, after having understood the 
principle, the configuration request "camera mountpoint" is totally clear to 

New linux distributions do not show the actual directory of the mountpoint any 
more. The mountpoint is created "on the fly" when connecting the device. 
Therefore it is not "transparent" at a first glance what the mountpoint 
*really* is though I understood now and I understood my former error.

IMHO modern distributions will always come with an automounter for (at least) 
USB-devices, probably more in the future. I attached a script to help all 
people that use a mass storage device and have such a linux; not intending to 
distribute this script but (maybe) implement a similar functionality into 
digikam (job for the C++ gurus, I am a script-kid. Only a suggestion, would 
help DAU's like me :-))

I did not look into the sources, but, given a DAU who thinks that he knows 
where to find the files; why can't digikam cope with 
entering /media/SANVOL/dcim/100casio? I know, it is *not* the mountpoint, but 
the files are there, I see them there ... and that dumb ( many excuses :-) ) 
program does not show them ...

I even created a symlink from /media/SANVOL/dcim/100casio 
to /media/DIGITALKAMERA (or similar), but digikam did not like it, though. It 
also does not come up with something saying "nothings mounted there" or "the 
available mountpoints are called X, Y, Z, not how you entered it)

We can end up with a philosophic discussion whether a mountpoint is a 
mountpoint, and I have to say that everybody who insists in exactness here 
increases beauty - but he does not really help. The question arises (for me) 
what simplifies live for DAU's, and the more functions get hidden behind 
automatic processes, the more difficult things become.

So, many thanks for creating a beautiful program with many wonderful features 
- I love it now even more - but maybe you like my thoughts and review the 
mountpoint-concept you currently have, though it is technically correct.

Take care & thanks again

Dieter Jurzitza

Am Sonntag, 18. September 2005 17:09 schrieb Renchi Raju:
> can you try the mount path as /media/SANVOL and see what happens? And
> are you sure the camera is mounted at the time when you access it; type
> mount on a konsole to verify it.

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