[Digikam-users] GUI usability request

Renchi Raju renchi.raju at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 20:28:07 BST 2005

Nikolaus Filus wrote:

> I'mn still not a friend of tabbed interfaces :) 

Neither am i. but this was the best alternative we could find. i assume 
we could do it in the way you suggested, a drop down box. but the 
buttons being visible all the time, makes you aware that other views are 
also possible (especially for someone who hasn't seen this interface 

> Especially the Tag filter: 
> what will happen if I'm in Tag browsing mode and switch some Tag filters 
> on? What's the defined behaviour? Should a filter be the property of a 
> view and not global?

the filtering on the right is a global filter and it can become 
especially useful in a tag browsing mode. lets say you are looking at 
all these photos of your fried, say Karl and then suddenly you want to 
see only those pictures of Karl in Berlin. one click select Berlin on 
the right filters and voila you are looking at them.

btw, the right tag interface is also going to change; in what specific 
way, we haven't decided. the assign tags (the one you see in the edit 
comments/tags) needs to be integrated into the right view and the tag 
filters will need to be made visually different from the "assign-tags" 

if you have any ideas about the GUI, we will be happy to hear them


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