[Digikam-users] Photo/album permissions

Sakari Bergen sakke86 at mbnet.fi
Thu Sep 22 14:07:49 BST 2005


I haven't tried the newest version of digiKam, but AFAIK there is no way of
setting permissions for photos/albums, so that all new photos would
automatically get saved with appropriate permissions. I think it would be
very usefull to have a setting in digiKam for default permissions. You could
then allow a certain group to access your photos. Also an album-specific
permissions control would be useful. You could have read-only access for a
certain group & album, while the same group would have read/write access to
others. I think you get my point.
I'm thinking just plain old r/w/x and owner/group/others -permissions,
nothing fancier than that.

Keep up the good work!

Sakari Bergen

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