[Digikam-users] Re: Some thoughts about digiKam

Renchi Raju renchi at pooh.tam.uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 13 20:55:11 BST 2005

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Renchi Raju wrote:

>> I've tested hierarchical categories, but the selection does not
>> recognize this.  Let's say, I have two images "img1.jpg" and
>> "img2.jpg" and the following structure of categories:
>>  foo
>>  foo/bar_1
>>  foo/bar_2
>> img1.jpg belongs to foo/bar_1, while img2.jpg belongs to foo/bar_2.
>> When I select only "foo", no image is displayed at all :-(

go to settings->General-> show items in sub-tags (check this) and it will 
behave as you expected.

>> Is there a way to search for images?  Like defining some categories,
>> dates, ... and see the result?

not currently. but its being worked on for the next release in the 
experimental branch.

>> Have you considered to make use of the IPTC-fields?  As far as I can
>> see, one can only assign "categories" in digiKam.  But IPTC offers
>> some more fields types, like a title, a genre, a location or
>> copyright information.  That would make searching a lot more
>> efficient.

yes, we have considered using IPTC. but it has been pushed back for a 
later release. btw, the experimental branch now allows searching on image 
names, dates, captions, album names, caption, collection and tag names.

>> What I am looking for is a tool for organizing and archiving all my
>> images.  In order to do this, it is essential to have unique names
>> for all images and it would be great to let this be handled by an
>> application.  In addition, it would be useful to have all images in
>> two or three sizes.  My idea is to have an index of _all_ my images
>> in some sort of "database" (meaning fully searchable, regardless of
>> the actual way the information is stored), that displays thumbnails
>> for browsing and maybe a larger preview.  But as the real image is
>> too big, it might be on a CD.

what you are talking about is offline image support. we don't have that 
currently and most likely it won't be there in the next release. but we 
are thinking about it.

>> BTW:  I have a wheel mouse.  When I use the wheel to scroll the
>> thumbnails, it is a lot faster (with less CPU usage), when the
>> mouse is over the scrollbar, than over the thumbnail area.

when you move the mouse over the thumbnail area, the position is tracked 
continuously to see if its over an item in order to show/hide tooltips.
this might cause a slowdown in scrolling.


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