[Digikam-users] Digikam 0.8: Sort albums by date

Joern Ahrens joern.ahrens at kdemail.net
Sun Jul 17 11:04:56 BST 2005

Hi there!

digikam's GUI has been changed a lot for the new version 0.8.
We have splitted the album-tag-view in two seperate views (album and tag view) 
and added some new views like the dateview and the searchview. The views are 
handled by the new sidebar. The sidebar can be hidden / shown by just one 
click to give you more space to display your images.

Well, that's just to make you curious about digikam 0.8 ;-)

Most of you know how to sort the albums by date in the old digikam versions
"View"->"Sort Albums"->"By date" and the album view changes.

In 0.8 we have a special date view, which sorts the album/images by date.
The date view can be choosen from the sidebar, like the other views.

I'm going to delete the old "Sort by date" option  from 0.8 because I think, 
the new one is much better to handle and of course looks much better. So the 
old option just bloats the user interface.

Has anyone here a good reason, why I shouldn't delete the old behavior?
Please tell me!

... Jörn

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