[Digikam-users] Auto-rotate page in showfoto printer

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sun Dec 18 09:55:55 GMT 2005

On Saturday 17 December 2005 22:51, you wrote:
> Would you like to add a couple of album collages for A4 paper (they are
> already compiled in for Letter size)?  I hacked in a bit of code to make a
> couple up a few months ago, but they never made it to the csv code for some
> reason.  You're welcome to the code changes!
> Actually, if you are looking at a rewrite, it would be far better for
> albums layouts to be in an editable configuration file, read in when
> needed, rather than hard coded!

Well, my first and foremost goal is to add a function that allows to print 
images that just fills up the paper (with a margin that could preferably be 
set inside the wizard) and to add zooming to the existing cropping utility.

Having had a look at the code for getting the layouts, I'd say that specifying 
layouts in some XML format wouldn't be a bad idea.

Looking at the wizard in general, I think it needs a complete relayout, I find 
that the pages are overcrowded, and that it should integrate better with the 
KDE printing framework, for example to get a list of possible paper sizes for 
a printer. Then this is really a development discussion, so maybe it would 
fit better in the development mailing list for a start ;)

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