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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

Work in progress this summer

3) You can use CDs/DVDs as a collection. It should definitely work if you give
the CD a unique label when burning. When you insert the DVD, it should be
recognized and appear as a collection in the albums tab. Information remains in
the database. Making offline collections and their thumbnails accessible while
offline is on open task.

2) Sound like an idea for a kipi plugin. I think there was a CD burning plugin
once. Identifying which files were added can be based on modification date or
creation date, both have their pros and cons. We dont have a date in the
database when a particular picture was added.

1) You need to identify which files were added or changed, see above. This can
be done by a simple search. All the rest sounds like an idea for scripting.
There is also someone working bringing scripting to digikam this summer, let's
wait for results.

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