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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

historic mode"
  I know a professional photographer, he has a really large number of pictures.
You know, tons of shots to then only choose 4 or 5, but he would like to keep
all the pictures.
  As you can guess, he uses tons of HDD space, but really only need to have the
last month of pictures in the HDD of work, the rest are best keeped offline on
other storages, (eg: NAS, USB HDDs, etc).

  It would be nice to have digikam to manage this case. You can put part of
your pictures in "historic mode", pictures in this mode, are not accesible to
digikam but digikam could maintain the thumbnails and other info. You can
browse the collection although part of the collection is not available to
digikam in that moment. 

In some way, case 2 and 3 are similar. But historic are not a backup only a
part of the collection that is parked.

Also from this another idea came, but I think that is off-topic for this
thread, but it is related to the work done by the person in case 3.
I would be nice if I could "link" a picture form a folder to another. I new to
digika, so i could miss something in digikam.
Suppose I have a folder "trip to Paris" with photos, and suppose I have a
folder "panoramic" with panoramic views. I wish I had the photos in "trip to
Paris" and in the "panoramic" a "link" to the actual file that is in the "trip
to Paris" without having to duplicate the photos in both folders.

Sorry the long post and my bad english.

Rafa Rios

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