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Yuri Samoilenko kinnalru at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 07:30:37 GMT 2013


2013/11/16 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>

> 1. ...This option must go in "External Tools" ...


2. "External Tools" settings view is not the right name. Action
> performed by this view will be processed at end of queue. So for me
> the term is not enough explicit for end users. I'm sure that nobody
> will understand as well the purpose of this view. This is why it must
> be renamed, and some tips must be written in a label in this view to
> explain what's end users can do with it.

I will glad to rename 'external tools', but I have a trouble with new
name... If I undestood right you suggested to rename it to "External View"?
When I selects the name I was inspired by Kate plugin "external tools", you
can look at it in couple of first images:

3. ... The program, can be a binary or a script. In
> this view you force to use a script, by default as bash. And what's
> about Windows where Batch shell script are used. In other words, you
> need to write a GUI more universal where these information must be
> show :
> - the path to the Program
> - the name of the Program
> - the description of the Program
> - the arguments to pass to the Program.


... Because, if i'm not to
> wrong, scripts will be hosted as external file in home directory.
> Right ?...

Some times it is too complex to host very simple script outside of 'usage
point'. I think when I implement previous feature we will return to this :)

 4. In your GUI, i recommend to propose a list of Programs available

> and ready to use. User will assign one Program to the queue, and that
> all. The list can be stored in workflow XML file. Look how i do with
> workflow list view (workflow name + description are displayed)...

I can't understand... GUI already have a combobox to select a name from
available items...

>> What's the purpose of "Show in Context Menu" option ? Which menu is
patched by your implementation ?

The 'Edit' menu, near 'rename', and the DigikamImageView context menu, near
'rename'. I have done an ugly hack to get contexmenu updated from my GUI -
I need help/explanation with right sollution.
I think 'Show in Context Menu' is good feature - user can create custom
postprocessing action and assign in to shortcut(Ctrl+Alt+A to archive all
selected files).
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