[Digikam-devel] [Bug 267131] Digikam config and data cannot be moved, absolute paths embedded in database and digikamrc

Ilia K. mail4ilia at gmail.com
Wed May 4 14:27:53 BST 2011


--- Comment #8 from Ilia K. <mail4ilia gmail com>  2011-05-04 15:27:51 ---
Yes Andreas, that's what I've written in comment #5!
Currently, digikam relies on KDE (Solid, if I'm not mistaken) to
supply volume id which must identify the volume. I propose to use such
volumeid as a hint at most and ask a user to supply correct local
path, probably relying on this hint. UUID I've mentioned is just a
random string *generated* by digikam itself.

You give an important example of volumeid change as a result of
OS/library update. This is one more reason to avoid relying on it.

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