[Digikam-devel] [Bug 267131] Digikam config and data cannot be moved, absolute paths embedded in database and digikamrc

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat May 7 20:51:40 BST 2011


--- Comment #9 from Marcel Wiesweg <marcel wiesweg gmx de>  2011-05-07 21:51:36 ---
@Ilia: The full path is only a fallback in the thumbs database. Primarily used
is identifaction via file hash, with no path involved at all (and with 2.0, the
file hash has been improved so as to be much more unique)

@Andreas: I heard of no problem with the KDE 4.6 release except for an
uppercase/lowercase problem, so I assume there is no problem. We'd have tons of
bugreports otherwise.

@Roger: If digikam has a collection that was known as "hard-wired" and does not
find it, it will look for a different partition where the same path can be
found and offer a dialog for confirmation. The default behavior is to hide
collections which are not found (like on removable media). Problems arise if a
collection is stored by mount path, because Solid/HAL/udev did not provide the
necessary information. I've seen that a few times when HAL was unable to manage
a complex logical volume layout.

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