[Digikam-devel] Re: release plan...

nlecureuil at mandriva.com nlecureuil at mandriva.com
Thu Dec 16 12:55:18 GMT 2010

> Hi all,
> And after that, digiKam 1.x source code will stay in KDE subversion
> trunk repository. We can plan a future bugs-fixes only release 1.8.0
> in a near future.
> I insist to 1.8.0 and perhaps 1.9.0 releases which must be bugs-fixes
> only. No more new features must be implemented here.

We can plan like this :
                       1.8.0 -> 23 january
                       1.9.0 -> 20 February

> After the Git migration, we must release the first 2.0.0 beta1. I
> think that one week after is fine. Let's me hear if i must be
> delayed... For this point, i ask to Nicolas if he can make tarball.

No pb for me for the tarball. As soon as the code will be in git i will do
test tarballs during the week to be sure all works as expected


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