[Digikam-devel] 0.10.0 too slow to use

Jasper Mackenzie jasper at treshna.com
Tue Jan 22 00:51:06 GMT 2008

>  0.10.0-svn is not yet to be used for production!

> Just one word : digiKam  0.10.0 still in alpha stage. It's not yet ready  
> to
> use in production...

> There are a lots of things to test/debug (:=)))

Thank you both for your quick responses.
  I am aware that it is *very* alpha. And issues of crashing are of no  
suprise or consequence
   Its just that all my images are on a network drive, so its my only  
choice. Hence I use it.
I thought maybee these comments or issues would help you with development,  
and that the sane solution was indeed a user related problem.
  If you are not wanting any critique etc. about 0.10.0 then please let me  
know and ille wait, busting, for a more mature version.\\

please excuse my arrogance, I assmumed, as a users (And not a coder = no  
idea how difficult to change things), that feedback and ideas about your  
package would be useful, especially pre release.

thank you


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