[Digikam-devel] 0.10.0 too slow to use

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Mon Jan 21 20:45:45 GMT 2008

Hi Jasper,

while I cannot comment on your specific issues, I would
like to be very clear (not for you, because you know it, but for
others who might think that 0.10.0 should be the way to go now ... ;-)
about the status about 0.10.0-svn:

  0.10.0-svn is not yet to be used for production!

It is under heavy development and therefore crashes
and more severe breakages are not unlikely.

Note that this is different from the usual development,
i.e. 0.9.4-svn is perfectly useable (even in production ;-)
and usually the svn version has less bugs than the last released
version (though it may contain less tested new features).

For the upcoming digikam 0.10 a lot of the internals
are changing completely, in particular the
database has changed a lot!
For the roadmap see:

I will leave it to Gilles and Marcel to comment
on your specific questions, as I do not use 0.10 ...

Best, Arnd

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Jasper Mackenzie wrote:

> Good day all,
>   I have been trying to use digikam 0.10.0 to manage the images on my file
> server, connected to my laptop by fast-ethernet, using nfs mounted folders.
> But,
>   There are a number of things that are making it basically unusable at
> this stage:
> On startup digikam setsup inotify watches on all directories. There are
> many, many directories so this takes about five minutes. There seem to be
> less images tahtn I thought, maybee 15-20K.
>    Is there some other way. As I suggested in a wish, it would be good if
> it could be set that digikam didnt monitor certain directories.
> Rescanning the images takes a few hours....
> Thumbnails take forever to load/generate, and when in an album view, even
> a modest sized folder with ~200 images the system slows to a crawl with
> 100% cpu use. The machine is getting on, 2.4Ghz P4 with 512M ram.
>   If I scroll down, then up again, the thumbnails at the beginning of the
> folder have become grey and take a few minutes to become icons again.
> With GQview which is what Ime migrating from, I dont experience high
> cpu/mem overheads to display thumbnails
> Crashing... Digikam crashes if multiple images are selected, then right
> clicked on. It crashes sometimes when modifying tags.
> Exif Rotation... What a great feature! I love it...
>    BUT
>   If I modify the exif rotation, then at a later point add comments or
> tags, the exif orientation is reverted somehow.. weird.
> There are a few more things that I think would make digikam even more
> fantastic, do I append them here or start a new thread?
> Thank you.
> Jasper
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